Terms & Conditions

Limiting Conditions:

The appraiser has personally made a physical inspection of the object(s) specified in this report. Unless otherwise noted, items are in good condition and do not require any repairs at this time. The values and descriptions listed, and all other statements, are true and correct to the best of the appraiser’s knowledge and belief based on present day market values and accepted appraisal procedures. Because mountings prohibit full and accurate observation of gem quality and weight, it must be understood that all data pertaining to mounted gems can be considered only as approximate. Because jewelry appraisal and evaluation is not a pure science but includes a subjective professional assessment, estimates of value and quality may vary from one appraiser to another with such variances not necessarily constituting error on the part of the appraiser.

Due to the subjective nature of appraisals and evaluation, statements and data contained herein cannot be construed as a guarantee or warranty. Appraisal fees are based on time and are not contingent on value or outcome. The appraisal is not an offer to buy the appraised items at this or any price. Unless otherwise noted, Sales taxes are not included in the appraised values. The appraiser does not have, and does not expect to have, a financial interest in any of the appraised items unless specifically noted in the comments section of the appraisal document. No other person provided significant professional assistance to the appraiser who signed the appraisal report unless specifically identified in the comments section of the appraisal document.

The date of the appraisal and the date of the report are the same unless noted otherwise in the comments section of the appraisal document. Because appraisal technology and procedures are continually improving, it is possible that an appraiser may examine this item differently and come to different conclusions at a later date. Possession of this report does not provide title to the items appraised. Appraisal values are based on the appraiser’s assumption of whole ownership. The appraisal process does not discover liens, encumbrances, or fractional interests. Possession of this report, any portion of this report, or any copy thereof does not include the right of publication without the appraiser’s written consent. Public use of the appraiser’s name, or the name of the appraisal firm or jewelry store, or of information contained in the appraisal, is not granted. Use of this report in advertising is not permitted.

Testimony, depositions, hearings or court attendance are not required by reason of rendering this report. Arrangements for these and similar matters must be made in advance and in accordance with prevailing hourly rates. The information in this report is confidential. No changes may be made to this report by anyone other than the appraiser who signed it. The appraiser is not responsible for unauthor- ized alterations. The reported analyses, opinions and conclusions are limited only by the above listed assumptions and limiting conditions, Neither this firm nor any of its employees assume any liability with respect to any action that may be taken on the basis or this appraisal. The following is a description and estimated replacement evaluation of the items submitted for appraisal. Values were determined by systematic examination of the gems, metals or other materials and the method and quality of construction. Conclusions drawn are based upon subjective opinions of those qualities and other estimations. The examination was accomplished using appropriate instruments and tests were conducted within the limitations imposed by the make-up of the item.

Timepiece values reflect depreciation. This appraisal should not be used as a definitive guide in comparison shopping. Neither this firm nor any of its employees assume any liability with respect to any action that may be taken on the basis or this appraisal. The use of this appraisal in public advertising is forbidden. This appraisal is for replacement evaluation only and is not an offer to purchase. Because jewelry appraisal and evaluation is not a pure science and is therefore subjective, estimates of value may vary from one appraiser to another and such variance does not necessarily constitute error on the part of the appraiser. No diamond may be assigned the grade of “Flawless” in cutting, color or clarity unless it has been graded unmounted. Provisional grades are given to unmounted diamonds. This report is not an indication of verification of ownership or title.

Possession of this report or its copy does not carry with it the right of publication, nor may the same be used for any purpose by anyone other than the individuals for whom the report was prepared, without the written consent of the appraiser. Unless otherwise stated, all weights, grades and measurements are approximate and stones have not been removed from their mountings to be graded. Identification of metal quality as stamped on the individual articles cannot be considered conclusive. In the absence of a quality stamp, we have been limited to an acid test and the quality of the metal approximates that set out in the appraisal. Mountings are assumed to be mass produced unless specifically stated. Irreplaceable articles, such as handmade antique jewelry, is valued at the price of similar merchandise in the antique market. Items not typically available in this country are valued at the price of comparable merchandise Unless otherwise acknowledged, all colored stones listed on this appraisal report have been probably subjected to various treatments to improve their appearance and durability.

Treatments are considered typical and customary when properly disclosed and when done without the intent of deception to the client. The treatments conducted are commonly stable and do not require special care unless noted. Selected treatments are reversible and re-treatable. Current market values are evaluated on the basis of these universally practiced and accepted processes by the gem and jewelry trade. Identification of some treatments requires sophisticated and complex equipment not found in a standard gemological laboratory. It is beyond the scope and classification of the appraisal to determine the exact treatment methods or the amount of treatment present. When a treatment is distinguished in the gemological process, and considered not to be “common” it will be noted. The appraiser assumes no liability regarding any action taken on the basis of this Appraisal.